Think Wild provides a wildlife support system in Central Oregon.

​Think Wild seeks to reduce the incidents of conflict between humans and wildlife through prevention education.  When conflicts do occur, Think Wild provides veterinary treatment and care at the wildlife hospital.

Think Wild provides:
Wildlife Hospital - rescue and rehabilitation of injured/orphaned wildlife
Wildlife Hotline - answer wildlife-related questions and respond to cases of injured and orphaned wildlife
Think Wild Education- workshops, events and programming for local schools, businesses, organizations and the public
Community Outreach- awareness and resources on ways to reduce wildlife conflict
Conservation Services- supporting beaver on our Oregon High Desert landscape


• A wildlife hospital to treat and rehabilitate native birds and mammals – providing species-specific care for birds and animals that become orphaned or injured so they can be successfully released back to the wild.

• A voice for native wildlife to strengthen advocacy for conservation – applying what we have learned from years of wildlife care to inform the community on man-made hazards in our growing, urban landscape, and advising on local and regional policies to reduce threats to wildlife.

• An education hub to teach and inspire the public to live respectfully with urban wildlife – responding to thousands of annual inquiries regarding orphaned or injured wildlife, and offering Think Wild Education, including online resources.

• Focus on prevention through education
• Foster respectful, productive partnerships with regulating agencies and individual rehabbers in the region
• Provide humane care that complies with regulating agency requirements
• Commitment to goal of releasing each viable animal back into the wild
• Maintain an efficient operating budget with substantial allocation dedicated to program support
• Be transparent in everything we do