2022 Annual Report

Wildlife Hospital

Open 7 days a week for patient care.

We Rescued Injured and Orphaned Central Oregon Wildlife for Release Back to the Wild...

Patient Survival Rates

*Please note that we expected lower patient intake numbers for 2022 due to waterfowl restrictions related to HPAI (avian influenza).

Wildlife Hotline

We received 1,816 calls to our wildlife hotline in 2022!

        2022 Count of Month

2022 Count of Month

May-August are by far our busiest months, when wildlife are most active and young animals are being born and reared, people are out recreating in wildlife habitats more.

2022 Count of Animal Type 

2022 Count of Animal Type

Songbirds and prey mammals are the most common calls to our wildlife hotline, followed by raptors and waterfowl. 

2022 Count of Care Required

More than half of calls received on the hotline do not result in an animal needing to be brought in to Think Wild. All of the calls we receive are treated as an opportunity to educate the public about wildlife, and it’s common to walk through a wildlife situation with a caller without needing to rescue and rehabilitate the animal in question.

The ~46% that do need care are either brought in to Think Wild, or referred to another rehab center or ODFW.

Humane Wildlife Services Program

This program launched in February 2022. We fielded 108 inquiries regarding wildlife conflicts as well as people wanting to promote wildlife success through habitat enhancements.

Count of Type of Call

Education Programs

Hosted 78 education programs for over 2000 students in 2022 at local schools, parks, and with organizations such as Humane Society and Boys and Girls club camps.

We collaborated with 25 different schools, clubs, and organizations in 2022.

65% of our education programs were provided to students from rural or underserved communities.

Beaver Works Oregon

We completed 11 volunteer-led wildlife habitat projects throughout the Deschutes River Basin. We planted more than 2,500 trees and built 9 Beaver Dam Analogs (BDAs) to support beaver habitat along riparian waterways on private and public lands in Deschutes and Crook Counties.

beaver works oregon
beaver works oregon
beaver works oregon
beaver works oregon

2022 Revenue and Expenses

Total Revenue:


Total Revenue

Operating Expenses:


Operating Expenses


2023 Major Plans

  • Property updates: fencing, ambassador animal, trail system and landscaping, pollinator garden updates, and enclosure outfitting

  • Education Program expansion: expanding free programming to Crook County schools and hosting 4 weeks of summer camp

  • Hospital: Updating patient care protocols and forming more partnerships to promote wildlife research

  • Conservation: expanding awareness and offerings of wildlife services, including more wildlife habitat restoration projects, beaver conflict mitigation services, and native habitat consultations