Wildlife Hospital

The Wildlife Hospital was recently completed in Fall of 2020. It focuses on a community need for care of mammals and raptors and also coordinates with the local wildlife rehabilitation community. When open, the Hospital expects to reach a full capacity of 1,000 patients annually.

The new Hospital includes:

- A front reception area for intake and education
- A treatment room for exams, treatments, and surgical procedures
- An ICU for care and monitoring critical patients
- Species specific recovery and care rooms where babies can be safe and fed.
- A dedicated wildlife kitchen

Minimizing Stress
Considered in the hospital planning, procedures and workflow design, is a priority to minimize wildlife stressors and human interactions . With quiet zones, species separation, sound panels, and minimizing unnatural lighting and sounds, Think Wild seeks to minimize stress and prevent habituation to ensure successful release back  into the wild.

Additional Considerations:
Wildlife Recovery and Conditioning Enclosures. For treated wildlife ready for recovery, well-constructed, expertly designed and predator proofed, safe enclosures will be strategically sited around the property - spacing different species in recovery appropriately at a distance from each other.

Wildlife Habitat at Think Wild. Working with local, collaborative partners, plans are underway to restore the vegetation of the four acre property to its natural beneficial state. Over a multi-year timeline, invasive species will be reduced and replaced with native grasses, soft-woods and other vegetation to bring the property to its native landscape - to benefit pollinators, songbirds, insects and more.

How Can You Help?

We are in need of an X-Ray machine for animal diagnosis. If you would like to donate a machine, set up a match or sponsor the funds needed for us to purchase an X-Ray Machine, please contact sally@thinkwildco.org.

We are looking for contractors and materials to help us build wildlife enclosures. Do you have contracting experience or a surplus of construction supplies and wish to support the rescue and rehabilitation of Central Oregon's native wildlife? Please consider donating your time or resources to helping us develop and construct mammal and raptor enclosures on the Think Wild property. Please contact sally@thinkwildco.org if interested.

Sponsor a wildlife enclosure - and have it named after you! We would like to thank sponsors of wildlife enclosures with naming opportunities, for yourself or on behalf of a loved one.