Sunday, 5/21/23 from 3:00-6:00 PM at Bend Cider Co. 


Join Think Wild at Bend Cider Co. in Tumalo on May 21 between 3 and 6 PM to help your local wildlife hospital raise funds & supplies to care for injured and orphaned native wildlife in need this baby season! There will be live music, food, raffles and a silent auction, and $3 of every cider purchase will support Think Wild. You can also get involved remotely by ordering supplies directly to the address below or making an online donation.

Thank you to our event sponsors!

Supply Drive Items: Purchase now and bring to Bend Cider Co. on May 21!

You can also mail the products directly to 62410 Erickson Road, Bend, OR 97701

Donate online: Donate to our online fundraiser or mail check to PO Box 5093 Bend OR 97708

Amazon Wishlist:

Naming Opportunities:

Large Items

Vehicle and Trailer Donations

Gravel (3/4 minus, pea, river rock, etc.)

Office Chairs

Power Tools and Yard Equipment (shovels, rakes, drills, saws, clippers, etc.)

Garden/Outdoor Shed

Enclosure Sponsorships

Hospital Sponsorships

Auction & Raffle Items


Misc. Household Items

Concentrated Bleach

Dish Soap

Meat cutting scissors

Bamboo cutting boards


Dishwasher soap

Hypoallergenic Laundry detergent

Trash bags - all sizes

Printer Ink (Epson 220 XL)

Animal Handling Gloves (thick hardware gloves)

Galvanized steel tubs

Grassworx-Poultry Pads (#DR010) (Need 3’x50’Roll)

Hand towels, Bath Towels, pillowcases, sheets(non-fitted), wash cloths

Tomahawk Model 306NCSQ - Squeeze Cage for Feral Cats

Frabill Knotless Conservation Net

Rabies Vector Net

Small to Medium size Mammal Net- Need 2

Mirrors(varying in size from handheld to 1’x1’)



Baby Cereal(Oatmeal or Rice)

Baby food puree (Fruit or Veggies)

Frozen/fresh Berries

Plain nonfat Yogurt


Shelled nuts

Peanut butter

Birdseed (Finch Seed, Millet, Thistle, Dove seed, Sunflower Seeds, Cracked Corn)


Feeding Supplies:

Ice cream taste testing spoons

Miracle Nipples (Mini miracle nipple- Need 20, Original Miracle Nipple- Need 20, Large Miracle Nipples-Need 10)

0.5mL Miracle O-ring Feeding Syringes 

5mL Miracle O-Ring Feeding Syringes 

10mL Miracle O-Ring Feeding syringes

20mL Miracle O-Ring Feeding Syringes 


Medical Supplies

Nitrile gloves (all sizes)

Syringes (1 mL - 100 mL)

Butterfly needles (19G-25G)

Vet-Lite Casting : 2 rolls of the 6"x72"

Catheters (20G,22G,24G)

Needles (26G-30G)


TLC-40 Eco “Baby Warm Extra” Incubator (Need 2) (For homecare of neonatal mammals)

Medication Lock Box for Refrigerated Controlled Substances



Construction, Landscaping and Gardening Supplies

Live plants

Cordless Trimmer or Edger



Cordless drills

Drill bits

Species Specific Formula and Vitamins

Nestling Hummingbird Formula- 2lb Bag-  $90 cash donation

Fledgling Hummingbird Formula- 2lb Bag- $135 cash donation

Adult Hummingbird Formula- 2lb bag- $100 cash donation

Emeraid Carnivore(2kg/bag) - $150 cash donation

Emeraid Herbivore(2kg/bag) - $50 cash donation

Emeraid Piscivore(2kg/bag) - $50 cash donation

Emeraid Omnivore(2kg/bag) - $150 cash donation

Exact Pigeon Formula - $20 cash donation

Fox Valley 40/25 (Baby Raccoons) -$160 cash donation

Fox Valley 32/45 (Baby Skunks)- $160 cash donation

Fox Valley 32/40 (Baby Squirrels)- $80 cash donation

Fox Valley 20/50 (Teenage Squirrels)- $150 cash donation

Electrostat (Baby Animal "Pedialyte")-$115 cash donation

Fox Valley Dia-stat (Digestive Support)- $60 cash donation

Fox Valley 35/32 (Baby Weasels and Foxes)- $80 cash donation

Fox Valley 30/50 (Baby Beavers/otters) - $85 cash donation

Calcium Carbonate

Vitamin D tablets

Taurine Tablets(500mg)

Vitamin C tablets (500mg)

Omega Fish oil for pets

Vitamin A

Vitamin E (400IU)

Vionate Pet Tinic (baby mammals)


Exotic Gamebird Maintenance

Exotic Gamebird Starter - $30 cash donation

Mazuri Omnivore Pellets- $400 cash donation

Special Order Food Items

Frozen mice - $800 cash donation

Frozen rats - $1,250 cash donation

Frozen quail - $500 cash donation

Mealworms - $500 cash donation

Waxworms- $150 cash donation

Dried Flies


Gift Cards


The Home Depot



Fred Meyer


Education Supplies

Porcupine skull model

Cottontail rabbit skull model

Raccoon skull model

River Otter skull model

Striped Skunk skull model

Red Fox skull model

Black Bear skull model



Great Horned Owl skull model

Bald Eagle skull model

Red-tailed Hawk skull model 

American kestrel skull model

Turkey Vulture skull model

Raven skull model

Hummingbird skull model



Urban Water Quality Test Kit

Eggs of North American Raptors replica

Eggs of North American Birds replica

Comparison of Wildlife Scat display

Food Web Poster

Would your business like to sponsor this event?

Sponsorship levels range from $250 to $4,000 and include the following benefits:

  • Recognition on social media, newsletter, website, etc.
  • Company name and logo included on 2,000 mailed invitations and all event promotions
  • Help support wildlife education, conservation and rescue in Central Oregon

Click the link below for more info or contact or (541) 933 5437 to sponsor.

Silent Auction and Raffle Items Donated by:

Baby Season 101

Spring and summer are full of baby wildlife. Here are some tips for baby season:

  • It is common for some baby wildlife to be left alone while the parent hunts or forages. Do not assume a baby animal is orphaned just because they are alone - wait to see if the parent returns.
  • If you find a baby bird on the ground, look for the parents or a nest to safely return it to. Sometimes they fall on the ground while fledging or in a storm.
  • If you find a baby mammal, leave them be while you wait for a parent from a distance. If in danger, you can move the baby to a safer location wearing gloves.
  • Do not feed baby wildlife. Improper diet lacks necessary nutrition and can be lethal to the animal.
  • If you suspect an animal is injured or orphaned, or have any questions about wildlife, call or text Think Wild's wildlife hotline: (541) 241-8680