Sunday, 5/21/23 from 3:00-6:00 PM at Bend Cider Co. 


Join Think Wild at Bend Cider Co. in Tumalo on May 21 between 3 and 6 PM to help your local wildlife hospital raise funds & supplies to care for injured and orphaned native wildlife in need this baby season! There will be live music, food, raffles and a silent auction, and $3 of every cider purchase will support Think Wild. You can also get involved remotely by ordering supplies directly to the address below or making an online donation.

Thank you to our event sponsors!

Supply Drive Items: Purchase now and bring to Bend Cider Co. on May 21!

You can also mail the products directly to 62410 Erickson Road, Bend, OR 97701

Donate online: Donate to our online fundraiser or mail check to PO Box 5093 Bend OR 97708

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Naming Opportunities:

Large Items
Vehicle and Trailer Donations
Gravel (3/4 minus, pea, river rock, etc.)
Office Chairs
Power Tools and Yard Equipment (shovels, rakes, drills, saws, clippers, etc.)
Garden/Outdoor Shed
Enclosure Sponsorships
Hospital Sponsorships
Auction & Raffle Items

Misc. Household Items
Concentrated Bleach
Dish Soap
Meat cutting scissors
Bamboo cutting boards
Dishwasher soap
Hypoallergentic Laundry detergent
Trash bags - all sizes
Printer Ink (HP 63 black and color)
Animal Handling Gloves (thick hardware gloves)
Galvanized steel tubs
Astroturf® NXT Poultry Nest Pads
Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles with Drain Holes(10 Piece)
EMSCO Group Landscape Rock – Natural Sandstone Appearance – Large
Hand towels, Bath Towels, pillowcases, sheets(non-fitted), wash cloths
Tomahawk Model 306NCSQ - Squeeze Cage for Feral Cats
KUFA SPORTS FC7052 Retractable Aluminum Landing Net with Rubberized Mesh
Frabill Knotless Conservation Net
RESTCLOUD Bait Net and Fishing Landing Net with Telescoping Pole

Baby Cereal
Frozen Berries
Shelled nuts
Peanut butter
Birdseed (Finch Seed, Millet, Thistle, Dove seed, Sunflower Seeds, Cracked Corn)

Medical Supplies
Nitrile gloves (all sizes)
Syringes (insulin,1 mL - 100 mL)
Butterfly needles (19G-25G)
Vet-Lite Casting : 2 rolls of the 6"x72"
Catheters (20G,22G,24G)
Needles (18G-25G)
MediChoice Mobile Instrument Stand w/Adjustable Tray
IDEXX StatSpin Centrifuge MP(Microhematocrit to 3mL)


Would your business like to sponsor this event?

Sponsorship levels range from $250 to $4,000 and include the following benefits:

  • Recognition on social media, newsletter, website, etc.
  • Company name and logo included on 2,000 mailed invitations and all event promotions
  • Help support wildlife education, conservation and rescue in Central Oregon

Click the link below for more info or contact or (541) 933 5437 to sponsor.

Silent Auction and Raffle Items Donated by:

Baby Season 101

Springtime gives birth to an abundance of baby wildlife. Here are some tips on keeping baby wild animals safe this season!

  • It is common for some baby wildlife to be left alone while the parent goes hunting or foraging. Do not assume a baby animal is orphaned just because it is alone - allow time for the parent to return.
  • If you find a baby bird on the ground, look for the parents or a nest to safely return it to. Sometimes they fall on the ground while fledging or in a storm.
  • If you find a baby mammal, leave it be while you wait for a parent from a distance. If in danger, you can move it to a safer location wearing gloves.
  • Do not feed baby wildlife. Improper diet lacks necessary nutrition and can even be toxic to the animal.
  • If you suspect an animal is injured or orphaned, call Think Wild's wildlife hotline: (541) 241-8680