Did you know that Bend, Oregon is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation?

This is largely due the exceptional High Desert landscapes, wilderness and biodiversity that draw outdoor-loving people here. But as Central Oregon grows, so do the threats to these treasured places and the wildlife that call them home without preventive education, awareness and concern.

Think Wild offers our centrally located facility as a hub for community engagement and action, providing unique, local expertise in native wildlife conservation and a host of programs that support sustained impact in Central Oregon. Our goal is to make coexistence with wildlife top of mind - both to those who have called this region home for a lifetime or just a short time.

You can make a difference for native wildlife through your day to day choices. Here's how:

We offer humane wildlife services including nest box and hawk perch installation, exclusion, and fencing.

Think Wild's Beaver Works Oregon program works to promote beaver success on the High Desert landscape through education, awareness and conflict mitigation.

Raccoons living under your deck? Bats roosting in your attic? Want to prevent birds from hitting your windows? We have the answers!

We are lucky to live in a place teeming with wildlife and diverse habitats. Need help on where to respectfully view wildlife from a distance? We've got recommendations! Always remember LEAVE NO TRACE principles and do not approach wildlife.