Film Premiere: “Bridging the Gap” – Partners Puffin Drinkwear and Think Wild to Expand Community Impact Program “Good Together”

Join Puffin Drinkwear during Earth Week for the expansion of their social impact program “Good Together,” which uses film and events to highlight the people and organizations making a positive impact in local communities. 

For the program, Puffin Drinkwear partnered with Central Oregon’s Wildlife Hospital and Conservation Center, Think Wild, on a new documentary short film, “Bridging the Gap.” The film highlights the people behind Think Wild’s mission to protect and care for native wildlife in Central Oregon. 

Just like in a natural ecosystem that is self-productive and self-sustaining, communities can grow in that way too. That’s really what Think Wild’s mission is—to advocate for all of our resources and protect wildlife and the natural places that make Central Oregon so special. Not just for humans, but for all living beings.” 

- Sally Compton, Executive Director-Think Wild 

How fortunate we all are to have the inspired people from Think Wild moving us forward with their wisdom and knowledge to keep Central Oregon wildlife safe. Together we are celebrating and protecting nature by educating future generations and ourselves to preserve it. We are part of nature, and we need to share it.” 

- Elif Koyutürk, Film Producer/Director-Puffin Drinkwear 

The film will premiere at Open Space Event Studios in Bend, Oregon, on Thursday, April 21st. Attendance is free and open to the public. Drinks, food and special SWAG will be available for purchase,with a percentage of proceeds benefiting Think Wild. 

At the premiere, everyone is invited to enjoy live music and mingle with Good Together and Think Wild leadership teams. 

Event location: Open Space Event Studios, 220 NE Lafayette Ave, Bend, OR 97701

Event line-up: 

5:00-6:00: Mingle, eat & drink 

6:00-6:40: Film premiere, Q+A with producer 

6:45-8:00: Mingle, music 


Film Credits ( Please Include this with articles) : Director, Cinematographer, Editor: Elif Koyutürk / Editor: Nathan Laolagi / Motion GFX: Ethan Demarest

More ways to donate to Think Wild: If you cannot attend the event or would like to make an additional contribution, visit their website at Donate – Think Wild – Wildlife Hospital and Conservation Center. 

About the event organizers

Puffin Drinkwear makes personality-infused apparel for your drink to wear, keeping beverages cold and looking fabulous. They believe that great things happen when people come together to do good. It’s a philosophy they call Good Together, which defines who they are as a company. Learn more: 

Think Wild is a women-led 501(c)(3) nonprofit wildlife hospital and conservation center located in Central Oregon. They seek to reduce the incidents of conflict between humans and wildlife through prevention education. When conflicts do occur, Think Wild provides veterinary treatment and care at the wildlife hospital. Learn more, volunteer, or donate: 

For more information contact: 

Elif Koyutürk 

Social & Community Impact Manager, Puffin Drinkwear 

[email protected]