Hawk Ambassador Naming Nominations

We’re excited to announce that Think Wild welcomed our first ambassador animal, a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk, to our facility in Bend this month. The hawk was deemed non-releasable due to an eye injury and transferred to us from Cascades Raptor Center.


Over the next year, Think Wild’s team will train the hawk to become a part of our education programming as an ambassador for their species and the other injured and orphaned wildlife that we care for at the hospital. Through choice based training methods, the hawk will learn new behaviors that will allow them to be comfortable and confident around the public in education settings. The goal is to bring up-close interactions with wildlife to the diverse Central and Eastern Oregon youth and communities that we serve, educating about native wildlife natural history and conservation. 

Think Wild wants to include our community in the naming of the new ambassador hawk while raising funds for our education programs! You are invited to make a tax deductible donation (min $10) to submit a possible name for the bird, and you can make as many submissions as you’d like. Please note that we do not currently know the sex of the bird and are waiting on the results of a blood test. 

Submissions will close on July 25, and then there will then be a public voting process online to make a final selection. Please sign up for our email newsletter and watch social media channels for updates about the naming process after your submission!

Read the full press release about the ambassador hawk here. 

red tailed hawk ambassador bird