Found an Animal?

Please do not attempt to care for wildlife in your home.

Wild animals have unique nutritional, feeding, care and rehabilitation requirements. To ensure their best chance for survival once released into the wild and humane care please seek help from a qualified licensed wildlife rehabilitator.


You should know that removing or “capturing” wildlife from the wild and keeping it in captivity without a permit is against the law. It is considered a Class A misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in jail and a $6,250 fine. Learn more at ODFW Wildlife website.

Abandoned Baby

Please do not handle or get involved with what may appear to be an abandoned wildlife baby. Observe, wait and see.
Often times, mothers are nearby and watching over the baby from a distance. It’s important to not disturb the baby while waiting a period of time (hours, not days) to monitor the situation. Mom may in fact be nearby and you don’t want to interrupt natural wildlife care giving.

If in doubt or need advice, please call us at 541-241-8680

Injured Animal

For an animal with a clear injury - not abandonment - you will want to contain the animal carefully, to minimize stress and handling as much as possible.

Please do not feed or water the animal/bird.
1. Use a box lined with a towel (not terry cloth) to contain the animal/bird.
2. Using gloves or towel, pickup animal/bird and place in box.
3. Place box in a quiet, warm, dark area.
4. Call the Think Wild Wildlife Hotline to arrange next steps.  541-241-8680. 
5. Do NOT feed or water the animal/bird.