Fawns and Deer

Mother deer often leave their fawns alone for hours while they forage for food. She may have decided that your yard was the perfect safe spot!

If mom doesn't come back for over a day or you suspect an injury, call Robin at Wildside Rehabilitation: 541 719 8222

If you find an injured fawn with mom nearby, be very careful about approaching as the mother may become aggressive.

Unfortunately, adult deer are not able to be rehabilitated. Adult deer with injured legs can often survive, and even thrive, on only three legs. If you suspect that the deer is suffering, though, you can contact Oregon State Police to euthanize the animal.

If you are having conflicts with deer on your property, try these humane mitigation techniques:

Eating flowers or trees

  • Hanging CD’s, may not work if deer are used to urban living
  • Planting deer resistant plants, such as Poppy’s (Toxic), Yarrow (they do not like the taste),
  • Using chicken wire to create a large enough barrier around trees that they can not be reached (works for rubbing bucks also)
  • Fencing around an orchard that is at least 8 feet high and planted firmly in the ground so that they can not use their heads to lift them.
  • Deer repellant spray