Found a Bat?

If you suspect a bat is injured or orphaned, please contact Think Wild at 541-241-8680.

Bats should not typically found on the ground, especially in the winter or during daylight hours. If you find a bat on the ground, or clearly observe an injury, do not attempt to handle the animal with your bare hands. Give Think Wild a call for clear directions, as bats may carry rabies. If you or your pet has had contact with a bat, contact your doctor or veterinarian.

In some cases Think Wild can provide instructions over the phone to help reunite an orphaned bat with the mother or re-hang a bat in a nearby tree that was found on the ground. 

Bats are very beneficial pollinators and support insect control. We have a variety of bat species native to Central Oregon, and some fly south for the winter while others stay and hibernate.

If you have a bat in your house or roosting on your property, do not handle them yourself due to disease risk. We offer bat mitigation services as well as bat boxes.

Purchase a Bat Box: Click here

Get Help with Bat Exclusion: Click here

You can also try these humane mitigation techniques on your own:

  • Open the exit that bat came through, close any other escape routes, turn off the lights and leave the room. The bat will most likely fly out on its own.
  • Cover any entrance sites (i.e vents, holes, chimneys, etc.) when they leave to hunt for the night
  • If already in the house, use a one way device so that after they have left the house to hunt for the evening so that it cannot return