Found a Duck, Goose, or Other Water Bird?

Central Oregon Waterfowl and Water Birds

There are several different waterfowl and water birds in Central Oregon, including Canada geese and other geese, mallards and other dabbling ducks, buffleheads and other diving ducks, grebes, loons, herons, egrets, shorebirds, and others. 

ODFW currently prohibits the rehabilitation of adult waterfowl and other water birds due to the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI). These restrictions help protect against the spread of HPAI, which can be lethal to birds. Think Wild is permitted to euthanize injured adults if it is a situation where the bird is obviously suffering. Think Wild is permitted to rehabilitate injured or orphaned ducklings and goslings. 

Please call ODFW if you suspect a bird is infected with HPAI: (541) 388-6363

DO NOT offer food or water to injured or orphaned birds! 

Below are tips for what to do if you find injured or orphaned waterfowl or water birds. 

Canada goose goslings are all yellow and have longer legs than ducklings
Mallard and other native ducklings have brown markings and shorter legs than goslings

Duckling or Gosling Found Alone?

  • If you see adults in the area...
    • Monitor from a distance for at least 30 minutes to see if baby reunites with adults
  • After 30 minutes, if baby is still alone or there are no adults in the area
    • Gosling - find a foster family!
      • Carefully contain gosling(s) in a box or crate - avoid handling with bare hands
      • Search up and downstream for goose families with similar-sized babies
      • Slowly approach goose family, gently tip box with gosling toward family, allow baby to join other geese, monitor from a distance for at least 30 minutes
      • Call or text Think Wild ASAP - (541) 241-8680 - we can help you locate goose families 
    • Duckling - get support with fostering!
      • Carefully contain in a box or crate
      • Keep in a quiet, dark, warm location overnight
      • Call or text Think Wild ASAP - (541) 241-8680 - we will provide fostering instructions

Injured Adult or Baby?

  • Carefully capture and contain: 
    • Wear gloves if possible
    • Throw a towel, sheet, or pillowcase on top of the bird
    • Gently pick up and place in a well ventilated box or crate
    • Keep overnight in a warm, quiet, dark location
    • Provide heat support: fill a sock with uncooked rice and microwave 1 minute - wrap in a towel
  • Call or text Think Wild ASAP - (541) 241-8680