The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has temporarily suspended rehabilitation of all rabbits due to a rabbit testing positive for Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus-2 (RHDV-2) in Oregon. Click here for more information.

Rabbits are very fragile and easily frightened. If you find an orphaned or injured rabbit, call Sandy at Wildside Rehabilitation: 541 610 9962

Keep the rabbit in a warm, dark, safe place until you are able to get in touch with a licensed rehabilitator. Do not give it food or water. If possible, put a heating pad under the box it is in to keep it warm or place a warm water bottle next to it.

If you are having conflicts with rabbits on your property, try these humane mitigation techniques:

Eating garden or other vegetation

  • Appropriate fencing, such as chicken wire that is buried to keep rabbits out of the area.
  • Placing a concrete base under gates so that rabbits cannot dig under them