Eagles, Hawks, Owls and Falcons

If you find an injured or orphaned eagle, hawk, owl or falcon, please contact Think Wild at 541-241-8680.

If you need assistance with capturing the animal, call the wildlife hotline at 541 241-8680. Please stay near the bird to observe until it can be helped. If you are attempting to contain the animal yourself, you will need heavy gloves, a box or crate, and a sheet, blanker or towel. Carefully capture the bird and use the towel or sheet to cover its eyes to minimize stress.

Do not give the animal food or water, and cover the crate with the sheet or towel and keep in a quiet, dark location until you hear back from a licensed rehabilitator.

Want more raptors on your property? Get in touch with our wildlife field services coordinator about constructing kestrel nest boxes or hawk perches on your property!