Safety Protocols

Think Wild COVID-19 Safety Protocols:

Think Wild is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for staff, volunteers and program participants. Our facility ensures a high level of cleanliness and strict adherence to biosecurity protocols due to the nature of our work with wild animals. 

We follow the COVID-19 specific protocols in alignment with recommendations by the CDC:

  • Staff are required to be fully-vaccinated unless Think Wild is provided proof of medical exemption. 
  • Staff that are not vaccinated are required to provide proof of vaccination or exemption within two weeks of the implementation of updated protocols (10/21/21) or hiring date
  • Think Wild is not requiring vaccinations at this time for volunteers, but we are keeping track of which volunteers are and are not vaccinated in order to follow proper exposure protocols as guided by the CDC (see flow-chart).
  • Masks are required at all times while at Think Wild (mask must be worn with face shields)
  • Staff and volunteers maintain 6-foot distance when possible (exceptions include during animal intake exams and procedures)
  • All surfaces are disinfected with Rescue daily and after every animal procedure
  • Air filters are operational in treatment, critical care and volunteer break rooms at all times
  • No more than eight people may be in the Think Wild wildlife hospital at one time
  • Staff and volunteers must wear proper PPE as specified in PPE guidelines during animal procedures
  • Staff and volunteers that have been exposed to COVID-19 must quarantine according to CDC protocols (see flow-chart)
  • Staff and volunteers that have COVID-19 symptoms or test positive should stay home until discontinue criteria are met (see flow-chart)
  • Think Wild promotes virtual meetings when possible