Business Giving Circle

​Support of Think Wild is an opportunity for businesses to show their concern for native wildlife and the values of conservation.

Business Giving Circle Benefits
Recognition of Business Giving Circle contributors at each of the levels below will be commensurate with gift level, including online, social media, and print recognition.

Eagle: $25,000
Falcon: $10,000
Hawk: $5,000
Patron: $2,500
Friend: $1,000

Join Business Giving
​During 2019/2020, local businesses are invited to join the Think Wild Business Giving Circle varying commitments, which may be pledged over a period up to three years.

Our supporters believe that we as a community have a responsibility to live in harmony with the natural world. If your company supports these values, we invite you to demonstrate your care and concern for this cause by participating in Think Wild’s new Business Giving Circle.

Think Wild is a fast growing community-based organization responding to an important local need. As Central Oregon’s voice for native wildlife, we play a vital role in coordinating the care and rehabilitation of injured native wildlife. We serve as a hub, coordinating care delivered by highly skilled rehabbers. We also provide education and advocacy aimed at preventing and reducing threats to wildlife.

Business Giving Circle members will contribute to the expansion and sustainability of Think Wild’s work to build long-lasting and impactful rehabilitation and conservation programs.

Contact us at or 541-933-5437 to learn more.