Naming Opportunities

Naming opportunities are meaningful and long-lasting gifts for the animal lover in your life or simply to show you care.

Most importantly, your tax-deductible sponsorship saves lives. We rely on naming sponsorships to build, repair, and better outfit our facility and enclosures for our wild patients. Read below for naming opportunities available. 

If interested, please contact Sally Compton at (541) 933-5437 or email [email protected]

raptor ambassador enclosure

Ambassador Hawk Enclosure

Raptor ICU Kennel

Bat Enclosure


We are offering naming opportunities for the wildlife rehabilitation enclosures necessary to open the wildlife hospital. There are multiple levels of sponsorship, and plaques can include a quote, loving message or name.

Thanks to a generous matching grant for the sanctuary, your donation will have double the impact.

There are multiple naming opportunities:

$50,000 Raptor Flight Enclosure 

$30,000 Large Mammal Enclosure 

$15,000 Small Mammal Enclosure

$10,000 Raccoon Enclosure

$10,000 Eagle Enclosure

$10,000 Waterfowl  Enclosure

Committed by Alex Polvi

$7,500 Bobcat Enclosure

$7,500 Bat Enclosure

$5,000 Owl Enclosure

Committed by Mary Powell

One More Available

$5,000 Hawk Enclosure

$5,000 Songbird Enclosure

Committed by Thomas Laidlaw

One More Available

$5,000 Ambassador Hawk Enclosure

Committed by East Cascade Audubon Society

More Available

$5,000 Badger Kennel

$5,000 Porcupine Kennel

Committed by Lee Nusich

$5,000 Fox Kennel

$5,000 Skunk Kennel

$2,500 Squirrel Enclosure

$2,000 Marmot Kennel

$1,500 Eagle Hutch

Committed by Kevin Cornelius

$1,000 Raptor Hutch

Committed by David Burt, Randy Anderson, Kevin Cornelius and Jarod Spencer

$1,000 Raptor ICU Kennel

$1,000 Hummingbird Enclosure

Committed by Tracy Villano

$1,000 Duckling Mobile Hutch

Committed by Robin Gold

One More Available

$1,000 Intensive Care Unit Kennel

Committed by Broken Top Candle Co. and First Interstate Bank

More Available

$500 Quail Hutch

Committed by Kim Kesling

$500 Owl Nest Box

Committed by Kevin Cornelius and Thomas Headley

$500 Oxygen Chamber

The oxygen chamber is where patients with head trauma are treated prior to examination. 

Gifts of $15,000 or more may be pledged over three years. Sponsorships last for the duration of the structure.



Please consider donating to support our wildlife hospital operations. These sponsorships will receive permanent onsite recognition in the chosen hospital treatment room on a donor board.

This recognition can be for an individual, business or on behalf of a loved one.

$5,000 Hospital Surgery and Treatment Room

The Surgery and Treatment Room is the first step for all animal patients for an initial exam. This is where we also do all lab diagnostics, surgery and vaccinations, as well as educational workshops and volunteer training.

Committed by Otter Cove Fund - More Available

$5,000 X-Ray Diagnostics

We have a separate room for X-ray diagnostics thanks to the donation of a digital portable x-ray system!

$5,000 Hospital Main Intake Room

The Main Intake Room is the entrance to the wildlife hospital, where wildlife rescuers can drop off an injured or orphaned animal.

Committed by Karon Johnson - More available

$2,500 Hospital Baby Mammal Treatment Room 

The Baby Mammal Treatment Room is where all baby mammals are rehabilitated prior to moving outside to the conditioning enclosures.

$2,500 Hospital Songbird Treatment Room 

The Songbird Treatment Room is where all songbirds are rehabilitated prior to moving outside to the conditioning enclosures.

$2,500 Hospital Critical Care Unit

The Critical Care Unit, ICU, is where patients needing isolation and critical care are held.

Committed by Judy Campuzano, Karon Johnson, and Jarod Spencer - More Available

$1,000 Wildlife Kitchen

The Wildlife Kitchen is where we do all diet preparation for all of the animals in our care.

raptor hutch sponsorship