Education Programs

Part of our mission is to be an education resource to teach and inspire the public to appreciate and live respectfully with wildlife. Think Wild offers a Wildlife Hotline to answer wildlife questions and concerns and Think Wild Education Programs with wildlife-focused programming, workshops and curriculum.

We are currently offering education programs on-site, off-site and online!

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Duration: 30 min - 1 hour
Program Fee: $50/hr
Program Topics:
Wildlife Trivia (1 hr)
• K-2
• 3-5
• Middle
• High school
What is Wildlife Rehab (30-45 min)
• All ages
• Q&A
Wildlife Career Talk (30-45 min)
• Middle and High School
• Q&A

Customized on-site and off-site programs are available on an hourly basis. Please contact Sadie Pollock at to learn more and ask questions.

O N - S I T E

Wildlife Treatment Room

Duration: 1-4 hours
Program Fee: Costs vary depending on program and group size, starting at $50.00
Program options:

Workshops, 1-2 hrs

- All About Beaks (grades 6-12), 1 hr
- Lab Diagnostics (grades 9-12), 2 hr
- Wildlife Necropsy (grades 9-12), 1 hr
- Feather ID (grades 4-8), 1 hr
- Wildlife Enrichment (seasonal, grades K-8), 1 hr
- Vertebrate Anatomy (grades 9-12), 2 hr
- Owl Pellet Dissection (grades 3-8), 1 hr

Tours, 30 min - 1 hr, FREE 
- Hospital Site Tour (30 min)
- Wildlife Rehabilitation 101 (1 hr)

Volunteer Projects, half to full day, contact for more information
Seasonal, depending on group size, skill level and ages

O F F - S I T E

Duration: 1-3 hours
Program Fee: $75/hr
Program Options:

School Visit, 1 hr, all ages
- Trivia
- What is Wildlife Rehabilitation
- Wildlife Careers Talk

Outdoor Programs, 1-3 hrs, all ages
- K-12 Educational programming focused on topics relating to Central Oregon wildlife, ecology, and conservation
- Program topics and duration can be curated according to need on a limited scope
- Existing programs include:

  • Wildlife scavenger hunt (K-8)
  • Migration journey (K-8)
  • Web of Life (grades 4-8)
  • Owl Pellet Dissection (3-8)
  • Human-Wildlife Conflicts (K-12)
  • Foraging for Wildlife (seasonal, 3-12)

"River Ecology" Deschutes Riverwalk at the Old Mill District, 1 hr, all ages
- 1.2 miles walk along the Deschutes River

River Clean-up, 2 hrs, all ages, FREE
- Leave No Trace principles
- Human-Wildlife Conflict

• Groups must provide sufficient supervision (ex: 1 adult/10 kids)
• Food and drink are not included in program fees
• All participants and/or legal guardians must sign a waiver prior to or during program
• 72 hour cancellation notice required or your group will be charged full program fee

• We waive program fees when cost prohibitive. Contact us for more information.

Please find our protocols for our on-site education programs here, and be sure to review this document with your group prior to your visit to Think Wild. Reach out to Sadie at with any questions. Thank you!