Wildlife Release


Think Wild offers opportunities for families, students, businesses, couples and individuals to join private wildlife releases in Central Oregon. These are extremely unique moments to see wildlife up close, learn about the rescue and rehabilitation process, and witness a wild animal receive a second chance at life. 

Those joining us on a private wildlife release have the option to meet staff at Think Wild or at the release site. Some release sites are quite remote, so we can coordinate this based on your group's accessibility. Once at the release site, staff will introduce the animal and its rehabilitation journey, discuss natural history and habitat and answer any questions. We will lead a toast to celebrate the animal's second chance at life, and then participants will have an opportunity to get hands-on in releasing the animal.

Please fill out this form to sign up for an upcoming release. There are different levels depending on the preferred species. Please contact Sally Compton at sally@thinkwildco.org or 541 933 5437 with questions or special requests. The suggested donation to join a release is $100 to support our operations, but we encourage you to still sign up if a donation is cost-prohibitive.  We want these opportunities to be available to anyone regardless of economic background.

You can also give a wildlife release invitation as a gift! Click here.